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The beautiful Christmas period is here, and decoration has become the main activity of this season. Besides the house and the Christmas tree, the owners of businesses and online shops have another additional item on the list that requires decorations – their website. To give your website a Christmas twist, we have prepared you a list of 5 decoration ideas, only good to apply. 

1. Change the welcome message

The first thing that pops up users when entering your site is the welcome message. That is why it is very important to welcome your users in the proper way. A simple message, written with the right fonts and colors is more than perfect. Such an example is “Merry Christmas” and around the New Year, you can insert “Happy New Year” too. To add value and uniqueness to the message, you can also insert a joke or a note of humor.

Besides the welcome message, it’s a great idea to update all the home page text with a Christmas font. This extra element will offer a much more pleasant and warm user experience in line with the winter holidays. 

2. Adapt your Logo

Another creative way to bring the winter holiday’s spirit to your website is to decorate your logo with Christmas elements. Whether it’s adding a Christmas hat, a reindeer, or a Santa Claus figure, it’s important to find the logo version that suits the values and tone of voice of your business. This is the extra mile you have to go to for having an amazing website for Christmas. 

To make sure that the logo goes out the way you want it (innovative and professional), the best option is to use a skilled graphic designer. Also, this is a good opportunity to think in advance about other themed logos that you have on hand around the holidays.

3. Choose a Christmas theme for the site

Your theme is the most important component of how your website looks, especially in such situations, as important holidays. It can either be changed or it should already be built-in. If you are looking for a complete and fully customizable theme to improve your website for Christmas, here is the Christmas Shop theme. 

website theme for ChristmasThis theme is designed especially for online stores to be used in this festive period. It features a clean and professional-looking interface, and it’s also ready for integration with social media platforms. Also, it features a variety of snow effects on the side, and it can also be customized to show various Christmas cards. 

4. Use a thematic plugin for the Christmas Sales campaign

Starting a Christmas discount campaign can be a great idea to increase your performance and get closer to your users. But, to create a suitable context in accordance with the winter holidays, you can resort to a few tricks. One of them is to create a dedicated landing page that is decorated with Christmas elements.

 The perfect tool for doing so is the Modeltheme’s plugin. It includes a festive count down and many other features, such as: 

  • Custom logo;
  • Header Background Color;
  • Upload Background Image;
  • Set Body Background Color;
  • Products Grid Option.

5. Personalize the social media buttons

Because the details make the difference, this is a way to stand out among the many websites with Christmas designs. Most sites only choose to change the theme or logo, but the social media buttons are completely unchanged. Here you can give a unique note to your website and integrate other elements with a Christmas theme. 

This social media buttons change may be a strong incentive for users to visit your social channels, get engaged with them, and turn into long-term followers. 


Decorating your website for Christmas can be more than a design and esthetic movement to impress your users. It can be transformed into a full-fledged campaign for winning new buyers, building loyalty with old ones, and celebrating the notoriety of your brand. All you have to do is to make the most of your creativity and brilliant ideas.

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