Because of the challenging global environment and all the daily challenges we face, we weren’t able to let this milestone of 19K sales pass without thanking you directly for your unwavering faith in our products. Although we had been hoping to reach 20.000 sales, that number is still a ways off.

In 2014, when our first product was approved for sale on the Envato Marketplace, customers from all over the world generated nearly 19K sales. As WordPress themes, plugins, and HTML templates for ever newer and more varied technologies are developed, our numbers continue to grow significantly at an incredibly fast rate.

We want to thank You

The community behind the performance of the ModelTheme team is made up of the thousands of customers who have faith in our products and for whom we are constantly striving to make them better, to offer them better benefits, and to continue working with them through model customer support services.

We are one of the teams that create WordPress themes and other software products, but we constantly seek to advance technology in one way or another. Unlike other developers who try to maintain success, we have always believed that successful technology will exist in the future. 

We had one of the best-selling WordPress themes for cryptocurrency as a result. Cryptic has been a real success because we believed in the future and because we embraced the technology as being cutting-edge and innovative.

Our best products

One of the things that surprised us and demonstrated how steadfast our principles are and how they inspire the future was Cryptic. Then we kept on researching this emerging technology and developed iBid. A revolutionary theme that greatly simplified many internal business processes for companies that needed to increase their operational effectiveness. 

Consequently, iBid is an excellent theme for those who want to create online magazines rather than just a WordPress theme used for auctions. As our most popular product, iBid broke all previous sales records and reached over 2.200 total sales. 

Rising Stars

Motivated by the new Blockchain technology, we also launched the first WordPress theme dedicated to the development of marketplace platforms for NFT-based projects.

Enefti theme is one of the products that had the most success since its launch. It was published on the Envato marketplace in March 2022 and has already managed to generate over 400 sales, from 400 customers that they trust will develop an NFT selling platform in WordPress.

The Enefti WordPress theme was chosen by the Envato team to be one of the featured software products. This means a lot to our team and we are extremely proud to prove once again that we can offer reliable products.

If you like NFT, our new plugin, Enefti.core, will help you sell NFTs, create NFTs, and grow an entire NFT or Blockchain business on WordPress. Choose Enefti WordPress theme for the future of your blockchain business.

19K Sales was an important milestone

The globe entered a new era when we passed the mark of 15,000 sales. There was a financial crisis, an epidemic, and an imbalance that each of us handled as best as we could. 

Throughout this time, our sales have been increasing. In light of the fact that the only way we were able to reach our customers was through a marketplace platform, we can confidently state that we are more than grateful. 

You have continued to have faith in our services even though it was a challenging time and an uncertain period in which economic factors were being called into question.

We’ve reached 19K sales and will keep delivering the best products and services, as well as cutting-edge technology at very low prices, and innovate the market we operate in.

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